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08 - Pio II convoca il concilio di Mantova Siena

08 - Pio II convoca il concilio di Mantova

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Artist: Pinturicchio
Year: 1503 - 1507
Current location: Biblioteca Piccolomini
Original location: Biblioteca Piccolomini

Among the priorities of the pontificate of Pius II there was to stem the advance of the Ottomans and resume after their conquest of Constantinople in 1453. For this purpose he summoned a diet of princes in Mantova (Mantua Council) in 1459, at the court of Ludovico Gonzaga. The scene is structured in such a way quite unusual. In fact, if the porch that lets you see the landscape belongs to the Umbrian tradition inaugurated by Perugino and the throne is also present in other scenes of the Library, the original is the part of a curtain that separates the group of cardinals from the large group of onlookers. In the foreground, around a table covered with a carpet and dominated by books and other instruments of knowledge, there are some dignitaries. Among these is recognized, standing before the Pope, the aging patriarch of Constantinople, Gennadius.

08 - Pio II convoca il concilio di Mantova