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Artist: Martino di Bartolomeo
Current location: Museo Civico Archeologico e d'Arte Sacra Palazzo Corboli
Original location: Basilica Millenaria di S.Agata


Haze on board 138x84 cm.


This Annunciation is the work of the Sienese painter Martino di Bartolomeo, who was active in Tuscany between the last decades of the fourteenth and early fifteenth century. We do not have any reliable news about the painting, but we know that it comes from the collegiate church of Sant'Agata in Ascian, which is referable to a period around 1410.


It is a work that, seventy years after the model, resumes the famous Annunciation of Simone Martini preserved in the Uffizi: the figures of the archangel Gabriel and the Madonna move on the golden background typical of the painting of time. moment is that of the arrival of the angel, so that the Madonna, repeating in some respects the pose of that of Simone Martini, seems surprised, although the gesture of pudicizia of the model (in Simone, the Madonna wore the veil around her neck) is here replaced by a hand movement, halfway between greeting and wonder.


Instead, it is the natural gesture of the other hand, which holds the index between the pages of the book so as not to miss the mark. The angel, on the other hand, holds his arms crossed on his chest in reverence. In the center, just like in Simone Martini, we have a vase with lilies, a symbol of purity, and we see the greeting of the angel, written, which starts from his mouth and reaches the Virgin. In the top circle we have the figure of Christ in the act of blessing.


Martin of Bartolomeo appears to be stiffer than Simone Martini, and his figures seem to be more solid and less ethereal than those of the illustrious master (the influence of Florentine painting of time is felt there), but the typical elegance of Sienese school of the fourteenth century, evident if you observe the angel's dress, decorated with a very refined motif.