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Madonna col Bambino Siena

Madonna col Bambino

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Artist: Benvenuto di Giovanni
Year: 1475
Current location: Museo di San Donato - Collezione di Banca MPS
Original location:


44 x 37.5 cm

In this work, probably destined for private devotion, Benvenuto di Giovanni proves to be one of the most intelligent, refined and representative painters of the Sienese Renaissance. Made around 1475, the painting reveals to the modern viewer a sample of the most sophisticated techniques of pictorial execution, mindful of the great tradition of the Sienese school of the early fourteenth century. Through the wise use of punch decorations and free engravings, Benvenuto di Giovanni transforms the abstract surface of the golden background into an elegant espalier with Renaissance shapes: the perspective rigor of the composition is determined by the individualization and the skilful modulation of the light that jumps the volumes of the sacred figures, outlines the frames and detects the carvings of the elegant pilasters, underlined by the veiled drafts of the blue and brown gray tones of the shadows carried on the gold of the background.

Madonna col Bambino