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Il Beato Ambrogio Sansedoni davanti al Papa Siena

Il Beato Ambrogio Sansedoni davanti al Papa

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Artist: Francesco Vanni
Current location: Museo di San Donato - Collezione di Banca MPS
Original location:


Dimensions: 51.5 x 42 cm.


The table, later framed, was part of the four that decorated the various faces of the cataletto, used for the display of the body of Blessed Ambrogio Sansedoni.


The four images were made by Francesco Vanni in 1584, immediately after the artist's return from Rome, where his artistic apprenticeship had taken place.


The high quality of the paintings immediately decreed the fame of Vanni, considered among the most original and high performers of the last phase of mannerist painting.


In 1758 the cataletto was dismembered and the four headboards were purchased by Rutilio Sansedoni, descendant of Blessed Ambrose.


The scene, relating to one of the rear parts of the catalog, depicts Blessed Ambrogio Sansedoni who, in the presence of Clement IV, intercedes with the Pope in the name of the Sienese citizenship affected by the papal interdict.

Il Beato Ambrogio Sansedoni davanti al Papa