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Deposizione di Cristo nel sepolcro Siena

Deposizione di Cristo nel sepolcro

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Artist: Riccio
Year: 1554 circa
Current location: Palazzo Salimbeni
Original location:

Despite the sharp deterioration of the paint surface caused by the tear and the consequent transfer of the fresco on canvas (1962), the 'Deposition' del Monte dei Paschi ranks among the highest and most representative works of the Hedgehog: The composition finds its fulcrum in the body lifeless and suffering of Jesus around which, following the trend of the diagonal axes of the painting are skillfully orchestrated figures by large volumes and noble gestures of the followers of Christ, the direct heirs of the composed and great humanity that is found in the paintings of the most classic Baldassare Peruzzi: the excitement of Marie desperate that crowd at the Salvatore seems to be solved in the pitiful gestures and solemn expressions of Nicodemus (bottom left), Joseph of Arimathea (top center) and St. John the Evangelist, the look low and pensive, cradling the lifeless arm of Christ. In addition to the drama of the event represented the pathetic tone of the composition seems to be linked to external events that the mid-sixteenth century, led to the creation of the fresco: the painting was in fact made for the Conservatory of Derelitte Plan of Mantellini of Siena, pious institution in which, from 1555, found the girls in the city hospice orphaned as a result of war against Florence and Siena siege which was submitted by the armies of the Florentine soldiers. Dimensions: 245 x 198 cm Gilded and painted frame pad, 12 cm

Deposizione di Cristo nel sepolcro