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Beato Giacomo da Bevagna Siena

Beato Giacomo da Bevagna

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Artist: Benedetto di Bindo
Current location: Museo di San Donato - Collezione di Banca MPS
Original location:


145.5 x 39.9 cm

Giacomo da Bevagna was beatified by Pope Boniface IX in 1400; in his right hand he holds a small ampoule containing wine, a possible allusion to the miracle of the transformation of water into wine as narrated by the legend that flourished around the life and miracles of the holy personage: miracles of the kind aimed in fact to establish a direct correspondence between holiness of the person portrayed and the figure of Christ.

The most ancient figurative testimonies linked to the cult of the Dominican saint indicate in the territories of Umbria the cultural areas in which devotion to the figure of Blessed Giacomo da Bevagna was most attested: it is therefore very probable that even the triptych to which these plates belonged had a Umbrian origin, perhaps made for the church of San Domenico in Perugia.

Beato Giacomo da Bevagna