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Adorazione dei Pastori Siena

Adorazione dei Pastori

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Artist: Riccio
Current location: Chiesa e convento di San Niccolò del Carmine
Original location: Chiesa e convento di San Niccolò del Carmine

The painting, started by Riccio and concluded by Arcangelo Salimbeni, stood over the altar dedicated to the Nativity of Jesus, mind today is hanging on the right wall of the church. The scene is the arrival of the shepherds in Bethlehem after the angel announced the birth of their Savior Jesus Christ In the painting the gesture of the Virgin that lifts the veil white highlights the body of Christ. At the top you can see the work the Holy Spirit, in the form of a dove, comes on the Child, whose nakedness shows that He is true man as well as true God The backdrop to the scene a classic building in ruins, the symbol of the ancient Roman world is going to end, in contrast to the vitality of the child Jesus, who instead represents the Christian world about to be born.

Adorazione dei Pastori